Some happy news!

by Ronalee Carey Law

November 2020

Especially these days, it seems that all we hear is frightening news.  Many countries are experiencing a second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Governments are running up deficits trying to provide financial support to businesses and individuals.  We are worried about our incomes, the impact on our children’s educations, and for the health of the elders in our communities. 

For those seeking to come to Canada, pandemic-related processing delays and travel restrictions are causing hardships.  Many with approved applications are waiting for permission to relocate to Canada.  Sponsorship applications are backlogged, causing families to remain apart.  And though essential temporary foreign workers are being allowed entry to Canada, that may mean leaving family members behind.

For immigration lawyers, this has been a particularly trying time.  Our clients are frustrated with delays.  We must keep up with seemingly daily changes to immigration processing procedures.  And like all businesses, we’ve had to alter how we provide services to our clients to ensure safety for both them and our staff. 

Thankfully, the Canadian government has confirmed its commitment to supporting Canada's economic recovery through immigration.  For those with an interest in coming to Canada, or who are in Canada and wish to stay permanently, increased immigration targets for 2021-2024 are very good news. 

Here at Ronalee Carey Law, we have some additional good news.  After a challenging pregnancy, our legal administrative assistant Morgan Court has given birth to a healthy baby.

Presley newsletter photo

Welcome to the world, Presley!

While Morgan is on maternity leave, Flávia Pissoto Moreira will provide assistance to our clients.  Flávia has personal experience with Canada’s immigration system.  A citizen of Brazil, Flávia came to Canada as an international student.  She is anxiously awaiting the finalization of her application for permanent residency, after having secured a coveted nomination from Ontario through the Master's Graduate Stream.  Flávia is currently completing the Immigration Consultant certificate program through Humber College and hopes to become a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.  Prior to coming to Canada, Flávia worked in public relations. 

IMG 4018

Welcome Flávia to our team!

Finally, for those of you who do not follow me on Twitter, and so won’t have heard the news, we now have an Office Dog.  Milo, a rescue from the Ottawa Humane Society, has been keeping me company while I conduct almost all my client meetings by videoconference.  His presence forces me to get out for a walk during the day.  Flávia says the best part of her new job is getting to dog-sit while I step out to do errands.

20200525 111041

Milo, our new Office Dog, stealing my chair

In Canada, we are looking ahead to a long winter, with limited opportunities to socialize with our friends and extended family.  The sale of outdoor winter sports equipment and clothing is frenetic, with people snapping up Nordic skills and snow pants.  I will be joining the ranks out outdoor enthusiasts.  The pandemic has brought challenges, but new babies, canine companions coming to the office, and an opportunity to try new things are small silver linings.