2021 Canadian Law Blog Awards Winner

Immigration lawyer by day, basketball mom by night:

Evenings at the Carey household are a wind whirl of activity. Our dog Cleo waits by the front door, hoping someone will take her for a walk.   The child whose turn it is to do the dishes grumbles by the sink.   The child who is rushing to get to a basketball practice, wearing Adidas flip flops even in the dead of winter, fights over the tap to fill a water bottle.  A third child sits at the family computer, pretending to do homework while actually texting friends on an iPod hidden behind a textbook.

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Let’s move to Canada! Ok, but where?

Choosing a Province with a Provincial Nominee Program for You

August 2016

I recently took a trip to Prince Edward Island (‘PEI’) with my family. For those of you wondering, PEI is an island located off of Canada’s east coast. It is amongst a cluster of provinces we call ‘the Maritimes’.

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My Ideal Client

June 2016

Whenever I read materials on marketing, I'm always told to try to identify my 'ideal client'. Apparently, once I start focusing on taking ‘ideal clients’, my business will flourish like never before.

So I’ve been thinking: What kind of client would be the most profitable for an immigration lawyer like myself?

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