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Changes to Canada’s Immigration System Affecting Live-in Caregivers

September 2015


Recently I was invited to speak at the Migrant Workers’ Forum, hosted by the Migrant Ministry of Assumption Church in Ottawa. I had been asked to speak about changes to Canada’s immigration system affecting live-in caregivers. A copy of my PowerPoint presentation can be found here. The audience was primarily female, almost all of whom had come as live-in caregivers from Philippines.

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A Happily Ever After Spousal Sponsorship Story

June 2015

Shawna and Pierre came to see me in late March, 2014.  Like almost all my spousal sponsorship clients, they had met over the internet.  In 2010, after a year of online correspondence, they had met in person.  Their relationship developed with visits back and forth to each other’s countries, and in July, 2013 they had married. 

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